Certified Home Inspections

#1: We attempt every roof, If we can't get to the peak Its not because we didn't try, We have some of the best equipment to get the roof inspection done and a crazy home inspector named Bill Heath that thinks every roof needs to be inspected.  We utilize the Goat, Ladders, Ladder hooks, The Go Pro camera when all else fails.  We have a drone for the roofs that we just can't access.  There is nothing like standing on a roof to do the inspection, the roof and materials look completely different once your standing on it.  The chimney is also inspected if one exist.  We find a lot of defects at the chimney that can not be spotted from the ground or eaves.  30-35 % of all insurance claims are reported to be roof related.  When asked our competition says they do not walk the roof ever.  

#4:  The agents and clients we work with proclaim us as one of the most professional and thorough inspection companies in the state, I was a first time home buyer when I was young and did not have the experience to identify defects and I purchased a money pit.  I'm committed to providing a full inspection of all systems in and around the home to give you the best idea of what you are purchasing.  The inspection is not to convince you to purchase and or not purchase the property but to educate you and help you create a list for future maintenance.  Lifetime phone consults adds tremendous value for the long term..  

#3:  We use only the best tools in the industry to inspect your investment.  Sewer Cams, Moisture meters, Thermo Imaging, Roof ladders Etc. As the owner I'm committed to always having the top of the line equipment. 

Main Choice inspections In Portland

#2:  There is a Certified Master Home Inspector on every inspection, There are normally two inspectors onsite for 2-3 hours which equals 4-6 hours of inspection time devoted to your purchase.  Most of our competition is reported to be doing the inspections in less than two hours total.  We exceed the standards of practice where possible.  


Portland Maines Certified Home Inspector & Septic Inspector  *‚ÄčIndependant*


Gray, Maine, United States