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​​Let me start off by making you a BIG promise, if our team inspects your home and you are not 100% satisfied with our Central or Southern Maine home inspection you pay absolutely nothing for your home inspection.

Missing insulation could only be observed with thermal imaging.  


Certified Professional Inspector

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- General Building Inspections

- Comprehensive Septic Inspections
- Sewer Inspections
- Radon Air Testing
- Water Quality Testing
- Mold Testing
- Air Quality Testing   
- Water Pressure and Flow Rate 

-Asbestos testing
-Well Pressure and Flow rate

We offer a wide range of full-scope Home Inspections, Septic Inspections, Radon Measurement,  Water Quality testing and Home Preservation services that can be customized to meet your needs. Our team works directly with you to come to the best solution for your home, business, or commercial needs.

our Services OFFERED IN Portland Maine and surrounding areas

Portland Maines Certified Home Inspector & Septic Inspector  *​Independant*


Gray, Maine, United States

Kevin Boyan (AKA Attic Ninja)

Certified Professional Inspector

Rodents infestation located with thermal imaging and confirmed while inspecting the attic space.  We saved the Home buyer $14000 in repairs.  

Bill Heath Owner/ CEO/ CMI

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We pride our selves in our customer service and thorough Inspections,  Our average inspection is 3-4 hours, reports 50-80 pages and we will inspect your investment with a well trained eye and state of the art tools.  We take the time to inspect the home as a whole and find the defects that others do not.  We most often have a team of Professional Inspectors onsite evaluating each home. Our septic inspection is a full comprehensive evaluation of the whole system not just the tank.   Be careful who you choose to inspect your investment,  we give you a 200% guarantee, see our Client testimonials below and schedule Online NOW.


  1. Certified Master Inspectors
  2. FreeThermal Scan / High Tech Tools
  3. Extended Office Hours/ office team
  4. 200% ONSITE Satisfaction Guarantee
  5. FREE Porch Membership $350 per year Value
  6. Free oil tank scans $150 Value
  7. Free home maintenance book $29.00 value
  8. We inspect most Roofs & Chimneys on the roof.  SAFETY FIRST
  9. Buyers Protection Plan
  10. Free ​Life time phone consults.

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Bill (Owner/CPI/CMI) And My Amazing Wife Jennifer Heath

Main Choice Inspections in Portland ME area, we do real estate inspections in portland and through out Maine.

We provide Home Inspections, Septic Inspections, Radon Testing, Water Quality Test, Mold Testing Through out Maine for Real Estate Transactions, Maintenance Inspections and more.